The last couple of year’s I’ve only invited my very nearest family to my place for some cake(s) and other goodies. I sometimes wish I had a bigger apartment so I could invite some friends and more of my family at the same time too. Because as it is right now I just don’t have room for that many people. Perhaps in a few years time I’ll get a bigger place 😀 This time around (last year in October) I decided to have a low-key day. I spent it at my internship and afterwards I met my dad, bonusmom, sister and my boyfriend Matt at Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen.


It was a really nice evening and we had loads of good food. The weekend before (end of September) I had been at my mom’s place with Matt where she, and her boyfriend, gave me one of my Birthday presents (a lovely pair of ballerina shoes I wished for). From my dad, bonusmom and sister I got some money and a really nice cutting board in teak tree from the brand Trip Trap. I also got the loveliest things from Matt’s family who visited us the weekend just before my Birthday. From Matt I got the naked heat palette by Urban Decay.

The weekend after my Birthday, I met with my mom and grandmother for a nice lunch. I also got another present, from them both, which was a pair of boots of my own choice. I’m still making my mind up about which to pick 🙂 The last weekend of October I had invited my friends around for a pizza Birthday night. Matt and I made loads of pizzas and then we played games all night – it was SO much fun. I also got some amazing presents from them; cookbooks and makeup!


I woke up to loads of lovely presents from Matt and his family <3

Love those unicorn-cat slippers ?

This mug was on my wish list, isn’t it cute?

I made bounty bars and brought with me to TimeLog (internship)

D I N N E R    A T    H A R D R O C K    C A F É

P I Z Z A    B I R T H D A Y    P A R T Y

The ‘O’ fell down 🙁

Not kidding… Best homemade pizzas EVER

Hilarious game!

Ray, 28. ? (The “Hoo” fell down)

B I R T H D A Y    L U N C H

 I had a lovely 28th Birthday, thank you to everyone (you know who you are) for making it fun❣️



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