I originally posted this in my old blog but I thought it belonged here too. So I am gonna make a little re-post of three of my embarrassing moments. I have had other embarrassing moments too but I had to select some.

1. Summer at the beach. My girlfriends and I are goofing around, it’s at a danish beach the waves in the sea there are not that big. But somehow after a small wave I managed to lose my bikini top. Man I was embarrassed. I quickly went all the way under the water to “cover” it up ^^

2. I was at a party once where I knew this guy, Andreas, was gonna be. I saw him standing there and I called his name and went over to him. He glanced at me as if I was insane. He didn’t say anything I just got highly offended and walked to the dance floor to dance with my girls instead. Later that evening I walked up to the guy I believed to be Andreas again. As I was about to call his “name” again one of his friends went by hugged him and said; “Jonas long time no see”… Need I say more?

3. I saved the most embarrassing one for the last spot, and this one really is horrific in my eyes. I haven’t shared it with many but somehow I just look back and laugh at it now so here goes. I was at my then boyfriends place and was giving him a massage, I sat on his lower back and we were talking. He made me laugh a lot and god knows why it happened, but I let it slip. One HUGE fart. It all went quiet, and I was MORTIFIED. Then he started laughing like a maniac and said; “I didn’t expect that kind of a massage.” I screamed shut up!!! and stormed out the room. Talking about a Carrie/Big moment ey’


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