Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. Hello. Hej. Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. Oh my gosh! { Sorry for the loooooong wall of text }
It’s been around four months since I last wrote anything here and I reaaaally miss writing. So I’m back. My lack of motivation has been many different things. One being I’ve been busy with work, school, friends and family lately and it basically just took up most of my time. I’ve also grown SO tired of my design and it has made me not want to write, but i am working on it and it will be fixed to my liking. Then spring came. Oh spring how I love you. I LOVE YOU. I become a lot more cheerful and happy inside when all the flowers blossom :3  If I could do a split I’d do it for you spring. Just for you {and a bit for the sun}. So, time basically just ran away from me and hid in some box far far away but I managed to find it again! I’m sitting in front of my tiny little desk in my apartment and I have ALL my nail polishes placed right next to my keyboard. I wanted to find the perfect spring nail polish for this week. I ended up with “Mint Candy Apple” by Essie. Can the name get any cuter? Probably not.

❤ 02. Work. What do I actually do? And why am I so busy with that weird thing called work? Well… Being a student here where I come from has a few benefits. I get money from the government because I study {it’s like a little thank you for working for Denmark thing}. However, it doesn’t really cut it when it comes to bills. My apartment is fairly pricy because it’s in Copenhagen.  It’s like living in any capital of a country – E X P E N S I V E. Which is kind of annoying but I love love love my apartment and I wouldn’t want to trade it for something less, even if that meant working less. Anyway back to the topic! I work part time at McDonald’s DK. Is it horrible? Do you smell of food? Uhm.. No and no. Admittedly I had some prejudice myself before I worked there. But all the things I thought  about McDonald’s and generally other fastfood chains like that, well it has changed. I thought things were cooked and prepared in crazy morbid ways but it turns out its just plain normal cooking really. I though the staff was way underpaid but that is very much not the case, at least not here. It’s become quite fun to work there, I love my co-workers and my boss is really kind. About the food smelling part; Well I think it’s worse if you work in the kitchen then yes I guess you might smell a bit. But I work in what we call “the front” where I greet people with a smile and take their orders, so i don’t really get that close to the food as I do to the packaging. Anyhorse That’s pretty much my day. Service! Service! Service! I like it and I like to think that I do it well.

❤ 03. University. That’s the other little occupational hazard. A couple of months ago I was sort of really depressed about whether or not to keep studying English. I had pro’s and con’s and it was tearing on me and it just made me want to sleep a lot, so I figured I had to buckle up and face it. I talked it out with my family and friends and I sat down and though long and hard and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t completely happy with what I was doing. If you ain’t happy – It ain’t working. Thing is I was { and am } happy when it comes to my class. Oh I have the worlds best class. We get a long so great and I’ve gotten to know some quite spectacular people. But it turns out that there is just too much literature for my liking. I want more communication, more language, MORE ACTION. So I have decided that I am going to apply to a business school, which was actually my plan to begin with. So I’m gonna try that and if I don’t get in this year, well then tough luck I’ll try again next year. I’m happy now. I’m glad with my decision and I’m looking forward to it! But dang it I’m going to miss my classmates soooo much :C 
Did any of you ever wonder if you were studying the right thing?

❤ 04. Friends? Family? What’s that? It’s wonderful that’s what that is. I can’t imagine not being surrounded by the lovelies that I am. I am truly blessed to have such a great family and such great friends. Another thing that took my thoughts away was dealing with pretending to myself to-not-still-have-feelings-for-my-ex. Good show that was. It blew up in my face, hit me hard and that’s that. I’m better now that it’s all out there. I lived in a bubble for a few months, a nice pretty bubble but a fake one. Right now I don’t feel anything for him. But I know I will always love him deep down somewhere. I’m sure it will re-surface randomly… But for now, I’m good. I’ve talked to him about it. Something that has changed now is I know 100% that we will never be together again and that he will never feel anything for me, like that, again. However, I want him to be in my life and so we’re going to make it work as friends. So yeah… That was one thing I had to deal with, which kept me fairly occupied – emotion and “mind” wise. Else I’ve just hung out with friends a lot and been to family gatherings, birthdays, parties the usual!

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