Back In Macclesfield


At the end of the road

The last stop on the roadtrip was back in Macclesfield, where we set off too. We left Champneys after lunch time and arrived in Macclesfield just before dinner time. I remember we were trying to listen to a live stream of a new game announcement in the car as we arrived at the hotel. We only just checked in before we left again for this lovely restaurant “The Swan Inn”. This was the last day of the roadtrip, I went back home the day after. 

I had such a wonderful time. It was two incredibly good weeks of experiencing so many new things, trying new food, hanging out with Matt and enjoying the moment. It was something I really needed. I was so very lost. Richard (my boyfriend) had passed only a few months ago and I was restless. I couldn’t find peace. I wasn’t in a good place. But I think I found some form of calmness in travelling. I know it helped. It was exhausting and thrilling to see all these new places. We were basically in a new town everyday. It was wonderful to travel around England, to create new experiences and memories. I am very grateful to have gotten the chance to do just that; live.

IMG_4690 IMG_4703

Garlic bread for starter


Matt’s scallops


Main course : Three delicious sliders


Matt’s giant steak 😀


Matt had this scrumptious toffee pudding


I had a chocolate fudge cake


The hotel room


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