When I turned 25


Richard surprised me with a room at Tivoli Hotel

…I got these gorgeous pieces of jewelry from him 

Tivolihotel5Fancy light inside the hotel elevators

sky bar tivoli hotel
Delicious drinks at the Sky Bar at the hotel (they had swings!)

Tivoli Hotel
mash bday
Dinner at one of my favorite steak restaurants


tivoli hotel breakfast
…The morning after we had such a yummy breakfast with great service!

halloween in tivoli
Witches in tivoli
tivoli halloweeeen
After breakfast we went to Tivoli and had a stroll

We ended the second day with lunch at Copenhagen Street-food

I literally had the best day ever when I turned twenty-five, as seen on the photos above. You know, twenty-five is a rather funky age… It’s sort of an in-between places sort of age. Many I know are getting married, having kids, getting a grown-up-job  and all that jazz. Then there’s the other half who are like me; a student, someone not really quite at that place yet. I’m happy though, even though I might not be doing what I assumed I would be doing. Had you asked me ten years ago I would have probably said I was done studying by now and gotten married. Not said; Lived in a flat with an Estonian roommate, a part time job, a boyfriend 700 km away from me and studying – But I feel like I’m doing what I should be doing which is what matters! I still live in Copenhagen, a city I love. I have the best of friends, some whom I’ve met along the way (e.g. my roommate) these past ten years, and some whom I’ve known since I was a kid. My boyfriend makes me very happy. I even love what I study, and my part-time job. I believe right now, for me, 25 is less of a scary age than what I thought it would be and I reckon I’m going in the right direction. I do still think it’s a bit odd to be halfway to 50 though’, but that’s all. My advice to people being a little scared of turning a quarter of a century; Don’t be. You may think you were supposed to be somewhere else in life and have achieved more things. But in truth; You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Jeg havde seriøst den bedste fødselsdag, som I nok kan se på billederne. Og jeg spiste SÅ meget lækkert mad.  Jeg var nok lidt nervøs for at blive 25. Jeg følte ikke helt at jeg var hvor jeg troede jeg ville være. Kender efterhånden en del der har fået børn, blevet gift, “blevet voksen”. Jeg troede engang at når jeg var 25 så var det også der jeg var. Men jeg er lige hvor jeg skal være og jeg er glad, hvilket jo er det vigtigste! Jeg har tænkt mig at starte på at skrive en dansk re-cap igen. Så deeeet.


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