My MAC lipstick collection

Through the years I have acquired a few lipsticks from MAC and I love each one of them. I am such a huge fan of lipsticks in general and MAC is my favorite {high-end}brand, I therefore wanted to show all of you my little collection. I am not really a makeup-blogger per say so I don’t do “this” a lot, but I felt like it was time to share a bit of what kind of makeup I use and love.


I realize I forgot to show you the lonesome lipstick to the right. It’s a “Mattene Lipstick” in Legendary, it is a beautiful dark matte red. It’s absolutely perfect for a night out. My favorite thing about MAC’s lipstick is how they turn out on my lips. I have a bit of everything texture wise… Both cremesheen, lustre, amplified, satin, frost, dazzle… Pretty much one of each. My all time favorite of my collection is “Twig” which is a satin lipstick. It is a very natural pink-brown which fits my natural lip color perfectly. The entire top row of lipsticks are quite natural looking which for me is something I love to use on a daily basis. I got “Feel My Pulse“, from the Temperature Rising collection, because I though the color was SO gorgeous. However, it’s not a lipstick I would use for other than a night out. I don’t think I’m brave enough lol 😛

The only real nude lipstick I have is the “Viva Glam Gaga 2” and it is extremely nude… If I don’t wear any other makeup than that it could seem like I was sick. So it’s a lipstick I use on rare occasions but I’m glad it’s in my collection. My least favorite is actually the “Oh Oh Oh” which is from Archie’s Girl’s collection it’s in lustre and it just… It is beautiful but it looks less beautiful on me, it looks more dull..

I’ve taken some swatches of the lipsticks so you can see what they look like on skin.
{my skin is really rather pale, just so you know}


Bombshell” is such a beautiful hot rose-pink color. I love to use it when I’m wearing black/white/grey clothes just to spice it up and make it a bit more girly. I do have some other pink lipsticks as well, just not from MAC. Anyhorse, these were/are the lipsticks I have acquired so far.


Do you guys have any MAC lipsticks? Are there any other MAC lipstick lovers out there? 


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