ZarkoPerfume Pink Molecules

eau de parfum pink molecule zarko perfume bottle

Pink Molecules is part of my perfume staple

It is rare that I add a new perfume to my staple, but it does happen from time to time. Three years ago now I added Zarkoperfume Pink Molecules to my perfume collection. And last November I had run out of it so I added it to my Christmas wish list. Luckily I got one for Christmas 😍 and I was just so happy so I decided to take a few photos of it.

The perfume bottle came with a little mini spray bottle, which is just perfect for traveling! If you have never heard of Zarkoperfume I get it, I don’t think it is a very well known brand outside Denmark. It is after all a Danish brand. Pink Molecules smells so warm, luxurious and delicate. It’s perfect for every day use, which I do not think all perfumes actually are. But Pink Molecules is just lovely!

Notes: Champagne, Black orchid, Black elder, Peach and Blackwood.
Pink molecule zarko perfume 2018
zarkoperfume pink molecule good perfume
Pink molecule parfume and travel perfume


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