An Urban Decay Splurge


I was lucky enough to get two Naked3 Palettes for Christmas. I decided to return one of them and buy some other products for its worth (I also had a few other duplicates to return). I knew I wanted a new foundation and a new black eyeliner. I ended up buying four products in total… 


Okay I gotta be honest here. I have never been a frequent user of bronzer, highlighter or blush. Then why did you buy this, you ask? Well, quite simply because I want to start using it more. I’ve noticed how beautiful it can be and how it can really bring color to your face (I’m sooooo late to the party, I know!). Instead of buying one product of each I figured a palette, where I get three products in one case, would be the better choice! Besides I’ve seen so many good reviews about these Naked Flushed palettes so I knew I’d not get disappointed – and so far I love it!


In a way the All Nighter setting spray is a gimmicky’ thing, which is why I opted for the smaller version to start out with. I’ve only used it twice so I can’t be sure if it really works. Most reviews state it does. It’s basically supposed to keep your makeup ‘put’ all day. That said makeup can still get smudged – it’s not like wearing armor! But as I understand it’s more of a protective shield on your face. Time will tell if it’s worth having. It feels nice when you spray it on at least…

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The only eyeliner I actually use on a daily basis is the 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in the color Zero. I have used that one for about… four years? I LOVE it. It’s super easy to apply, it last all day and it doesn’t smudge much. It just works for me! When i went to the Urban Decay counter I knew I wanted to bring home another Zero pencil because I’ve used up all of mine by now. This Black Magic set immediately caught my eye – I mean, look at all those beautiful variations of black! I’m so so so glad I bought these. The only one I don’t see myself using often is the LSD color. Although it is a beautiful color I’m not sure it’s really me. But the rest will all be used!


One of the first things I actually said to the guy working at the Urban Decay counter was I was on the look out for a new foundation. I didn’t know much about Urban Decay’s foundations and so I got to try the Naked Skin in 1.0 at the counter. I really liked the feeling of it on my skin and it just sort of seemed to fit me really well. I’m also so glad that this foundation comes with a pump – so much easier to get the right amount! Personally I don’t like the feeling of a heavy foundation which is why this one suits me so well. I barely feel it on my skin and I find it easy to apply. It’s also a big plus that it’s paraben free! We likie.

I don’t often posts makeup review’ish posts mostly because I’m really not an expert, and also because I don’t buy makeup that often. I am a student on a budget afterall! Anyway, I hope you liked this post. I might do more in the future. If you have any experience with some of UD’s products do share your knowledge it’s always fun to hear!

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