My 26th Birthday Weekend


On my 26th Birthday I was out and about all day which you can read about here in my Birthday blogpost. I had an incredible Birthday in spite of everything that happened this year, and in fact I had a really great Birthday weekend!

The biggest reason for me having a good weekend was that Matt flew over and we stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel for my 26th Birthday. We stayed in room 1610 from where we had a nice little view of Amager. The rooms at the Crowne Plaza are very modern and the bed was comfy. Their breakfast buffet was also really great, but as we sat down near some windows we noticed that these little sparrows (birds) kept flying into the windows and hurt themselves. I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t put some stickers up on the windows or something else to prevent this from happening! The worst part was honestly that a few minutes later this big Magpie came and grabbed one of the little birds… Felt so bad for the little birds!

Anyway, less talk about birds. We spent a lot of time in the area of the hotel and had dinner and lunch at the nearby mall ‘Fields’. On the 10th of October we went to this American Diner restaurant in fields, the food was alright. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either lol. And on the 11th we had a lunch at Sunset Boulevard (which is kind of like Subway but better in my opinion!). It was the best of weekends! Thank you so much Matt for making my weekend so lovely! ❤️

crowne plaza copenhagen room sign

Our room <3


Matt and Me


The Birthday present from Matt 😍


My Bday present to myself


Matty <3

crowne plaza conference area hotel copenhagen 2015

Lunch at Sunset Boulevard in Fields


Thank you for a lovely Birthday Weekend 💜

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