Monday mumbles

Kvistgård station september 2020

♥ 01. Good morning out there ? Today marks the start of my second full week at my new job. Time has honestly gone so fast the past week and a half I don’t understand it’s already October. At the start of last month I got offered the job as Marketing Coordinator at Logstrup and then I already started on the 23rd of September. I’m of course still getting used to everything, it’s still all very new to me, so I learning about the product and so on. I really like it there, the product is really interesting and the people are so kind. I’m very happy!

 02. Something that came with my new job is also a brand new routine! You see… my job is a lot further away than my last job, which was here in Copenhagen. Now I have to get up at 06:00 am (usually 10-15 mins to six to be honest) to have time to get ready, and I spend 1,5 hours ish on transportation each way. The positive side of this is that I get to sit quietly in the bus/train and wake up and just sort of unwind on my way home too. I do plan to invest in a car next year though, as a car would make it possible for me to get to work in just 30 minutes in the morning! (saving me a whopping 2 hours on transportation each day).

♥ 03. In just four days, on October 9th, I turn thirty-one. WHAAAT? It’s so weird to say out loud let alone write. I do not feel thirty-one at all… but then again do we ever feel our actual age? I’ve taken the day off and I will be spending most of it with Matt.

04. Yesterday was spent doing almost nothing haha ? I truthfully just needed to relax and unwind, so I played a bit of Animal Crossing in the morning and then I tidied our living room a bit. I Decided to cook some boneless chicken thighs in the oven with some oven roasted potatoes for dinner and then I put on James Bond: Spectre. I’ve only seen that movie once at the cinema, so I figured it couldn’t hurt watching it again before seeing the new one in November. 


Have a great week out there!

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