Expand your wings and fly

… or you know buy a ticket to someplace amazing and let the plane carry you 😛 Unless you can grow wings, which would be pretty darn cool! (I wish I could fly!) Anyway enough with the randomness. This Tuesday I passed my Spanish exam and I am oh so happy about that! I went out for lunch with M afterwards which wasn’t exactly planned but that’s what happened and somehow we also ended up at an amusement park near Copenhagen named “Bakken”. So we ate lunch there, and then another friend came and joined us for some drinks and rides. Super cozy day! I would have a lot more picture if M could stop slacking and give me the pictures that are on his phone ._.  But he ain’t home until Sunday so that blows! (My own phone’s battery died… so I used his but I did get a few!)

M in his brand new car (literally one day old here)


Danish lunch buffet – Yes please!


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