We’re already halfway through summer, and it truthfully haven’t been a very sunny one yet. I’ve been sick, and I’ve had classes so I’ve not done much anyway. In August however, I am off for almost two weeks. And this month I’ve got some fun plans! I did manage to do most things I had on my previous list. If you have any plans or things you want to do the next to months do share in a comment below – I’d like to read about it. 

Here are 10 things I would like to do in August:

  1. Celebrate Matt’s and my anniversary <3
  2. Watch the movie Hampstead at the cinema.
  3. Meet up with Mathilde for coffee (a friend I haven’t seen in years).
  4. Visit the Sambuichi exhibition at Cisternerne.
  5. Go to my dad’s for dinner with Matt at some point.
  6. Start my internship!!!
  7. Attend my bae Maiken’s wedding <3
  8. Go to my mom’s house and stay the night.
  9. Go for walks in the evenings and eat loads of ice-cream!
  10. Visit my grandma and her husband with Matt.


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