Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. I’ve been on and off ill of late. Or well, I haven’t been that sick I’ve just had a fever which decided to come and go as it pleased. I feel fine now though and hopefully it’ll remain that way!

❤ 02. I have so many exams coming my way in the next six-seven weeks. I am not pleased. But I will do my very best and hope for decent results! The only good thing about them are that they aren’t exactly on top of each other. But I have one in the very beginning of the new year so I will not be drinking much on new years eve that is for sure!

❤ 03. Speaking of new years eve. I’m super excited about that this year {almost more excited than for Christmas if that’s possible!}. Because, my sweet boyfriend is taking me to MASH for a lovely dinner and it will just be amazing. We both love steak and MASH being a steakhouse here in Denmark, well we are bound to have a yummy evening! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a caring man in my life

❤ 04. It has finally become winter in Denmark… There is snow EVERYWHERE. Truthfully I love it! Snow belongs in December and I’m glad it finally came. Hopefully it’ll stay here till the end of December as well.


Have a great week all!


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