Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. I GOT IN. I GOT IN. I GOT IN! I GOT IN!!!! Yeah, you got it I got in. I got my letter when I was on my way to work last Monday. I actually bumped into the postman and saw him carrying it I told him that THAT letter was for me and he handed it over. I felt the weight of it and I knew I got in to something. When I opened it I saw that it was my first choice: “English and Organization Communication”. It was right there staring in my face. I called my mom instantly! I was, and I am, so happy!

❤ 02. I’ve been working everyday all week. I figured I should do so to get into a good routine and get to know the job in and out. I’m very happy to be there my colleagues are so kind and my boss the same. I got my friend Ragnhild to work there too. It’s amazing that I get to work with her not only because I love her but also because we won’t see each other anymore as often since we won’t be in the same class.

❤ 03. Speaking of my old class {I can’t believe I’m saying old class} I will really miss them when I start in school. I am sure my new class will be great as well, but I sure do like my old one. – Have a good Monday!

Jeg kom ind! Jeg kom ind på min ønske uddannelse. Engelsk og Organisations kommunikation hedder den og det er på CBS. Nøj hvor jeg dog glæder mig til at komme igang. Mit nye arbejde er jeg også super glad for og så har jeg tilmed fået min gode veninde Ragnhild ind også. Så dejligt! Håber i får en god uge : )


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