Done & Done

Selfie of me wearing striped shirts and jeans

My exams are over for this year and I have passed them all :> YAY!! This also means that I finally have vacation. School won’t be back till august 10th I think? I have been extremely busy lately none the less. Last week I have been focusing on my exams and painting my new apartment. Yesterday I went out to get a new couch. I LOVE IT it is so gorgeous and really comfortable I will take pictures when it gets delivered this upcoming Tuesday. I also got a new bed and some things for the kitchen. Tomorrow’s plan is to start packing a few things down I am in a bit of a rush actually…

You see I am going to Italy next Friday which leaves me 7 days to move myself to my new apartment so the schedule is a bit tight. It’s been hard to look forward to Italy  but now I’m starting to look a lot forward to it. It’s gonna be great and I’ll be behind my camera as much as possible! I’m going with my mother and her boyfriend + his daughters, oh and it’s to Tuscany by the way : D

Ps. I’ll try and find some pictures of the apartment I think I have some on my phone!! xx


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