Two years together


…and a little more by now! I never got around to share the wonderful anniversary day I had with Richard. A few months ago we reached the two-year mark. Time has gone quite fast and I am just as in love with him as I was two-years ago. How wonderful and lucky ain’t that? He came by that weekend and we went out to celebrate. It was raining cats and dogs that evening but we had so much fun. I also tasted oysters for the first time… I really don’t get the big deal about them. Maybe I should try them again but have them prepared differently and perhaps at a fish restaurant.

We went to a great restaurant ‘Hereford Beefstouw‘ which has delicious steaks {and also an amazing salad bar might I add}. We went to the one placed right next to, or in, Tivoli which of course meant we went for a stroll in the amusement park as well. We didn’t eat dessert at the restaurant but got one of my favorite snacks from the park; Churros!! Ever had churros? If you haven’t I’d strongly urge you to go buy some or make some right away. They’re the best! We ended the night at Hard Rock Café with nachos and cocktails.

Menu Card Hereford
Steak Entree
We figured since it was raining to go inside the arcades and test our luck.
IMG_3627 IMG_3620
drink menu
IMG_3659 IMG_3644
Hard rock nachos


Thank you so much for a wonderful day älskling  

 All photos were taken with my Iphone 5 hence the lesser quality.


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