Monday Mumbles


 01. I packed my bags and left the city for the country side. Just for a week though! I love get-away’s to the country, even if it’s just 1½ hour away from the city it’s still nice to get out once in a while. I’m a city girl at heart I’ve got to admit that but I’ve always liked the country too. One thing I DO NOT like however are the bugs, especially spiders… I caught a spider in the shower yesterday and it was humongous {at least to me it was} so I fetched for my cat and he killed it. I think he ate it too but I’ll pretend that didn’t happen because that’s gross :C

 02. Okay I’m gonna throw a weird question out there… Have any of you ever heard your heart-beat in one of your ears? I’m not sure it makes sense to you but I can sometimes hear my heart-beat in my left ear and it is just once in a while before sleeping. I think I just got used to it with time but earlier today it was there when I was watching Mad Men, and I figured that might not be completely normal. But it’s gone again… Not sure if I should bother with a doctor or not since it doesn’t really hurt or anything. It’s just weird…

 03. Mad Men. Oh you little devil of a GREAT TV-show. I never understood the big fuss about that show, until I watched it. And I am hooked! I’m in season three and I just can’t get enough. This show actually makes me want to smoke again. They make it look so glamorous and classy. But I won’t since well I don’t miss it, I don’t like the smell anyway. PLUS it’s super bad for you. Talking of what this show makes me want to do it also make me want to build a time machine and go back in time so everyone could be dressed like that. I adore Betty’s dresses, I want one! Do you like Mad Men? 


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