Monday Mumbles

A photo by Gaetano Cessati. credit: Stocksnap)

01. Good morning guys! Time flies so fast and it’s already Monday again. I could really have used one more day off! I started on my Master degree two weeks ago and I am pretty exhausted. I remember people saying that there was a big difference from BA to MA, but I didn’t get it until now. There’s so much more to read, it’s a lot more advanced and we actually have more lectures and classes than I did on the BA. I really like it though, and I am really glad I decided to continue studying.

02. Another thing that’s new for me is that I just started to do volunteer work. I have joined a Danish organization “Natteravnene” and I had my first shift a few weeks back. Next weekend I have another shift and on Sunday I will attend a first-aid course as well. Last first-aid course I did was in connection with my driver’s license and it can’t hurt to know more, right?

03. In a few weeks I’ll turn 27, it kind of just hit me as I am writing this that I’m turning twenty-seven. TWENTY-SEVEN!!! What the heck. I’m only three years from thirty. Phew. Anyway, I’m going to have my family and Matt over for tea and cake on my Birthday – looking forward to that.

04. I am a wee bit behind with a lot of blog posts I’ve planned in my head so I will try to get some up this coming week. I’ve really missed my little blog, but uni has taken most of my time (and the release of a new game!). And when I was on vacation I decided to unplug and just relax and do absolutely nothing but spend time with Matt.  Hopefully I can find some much needed time this week. 


Have a lovely week! x

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