Monday Mumbles


❤ 01Pneumonia you say? I have had pneumonia for basically all of February. It actually began in late December but it didn’t fully attack me until February. I was SO sick. Was basically knocked out for over two weeks. Today I feel good again, or well… A lot better at least! I still cough quite a bit

❤ 02. I am counting the days till’ I go to London in April. I am so excited!!

❤ 03. I have finally started taking my drivers license! It was so scary to drive the first time. I was SO nervous. But now, after driving a few times, I feel a lot better and I really like it. It’s a lot of fun! I’m obviously still in the learning phase of it all, but I love it. And my teacher is great!

❤ 04. Uni is going just fine. I literally have the weirdest class this semester. I don’t think any of us (in the class) understand why we really need it. And especially why we have so many hours of this class compared to how little we have of some of the others.


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