Monday mumbles

❤ 01. I was with my god-sister the other day to visit her and my godparents. I cannot say how happy I am that they live in Denmark again. {They lived in Luxembourg for many years} Anyway, to get to their house from the train station one would have to walk through a forest. My god-sister and I walked slowly and took a few pictures. It was a super cozy day and I made lasagne for us and we just chilled with some TV 🙂 I actually ended staying over because it was rather late. Super nice day though and night 😀

❤ 02. Give-away? I know I said like 10 days ago that it would be up in a couple of days but I’ve been so busy with work stuff and school that I just couldn’t find the time. However I’m fixing some photos now and it should be ready sometime this week. I’m looking forward to share this with you guys because I feel it was such a good purchase!

❤ 03. It just hit me that I’m off UNI next week woooo. Well… Off and off… I do have to write a mid-term in my English history course. Personally I think the subject sounds interesting and I’m sure it will be better than my other mid-term I just handed in. God that one was horrid to write :C but I made it!

❤ 04. Did I tell you I got a new job? Anyway, there’s one thing I’m gonna miss; which is nail polish! Because I can’t wear it to work. Which is SO understandable but still, I’m gonna miss my pretty nails. I haven’t gotten my schedule yet so maybe if I have some days close to each other where I’m off work I’ll go all out and wear a billion different shades haha!! I’m really glad to start though. My first day is actually today or well tonight! It’s gonna be fun :]


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