Welcome to Luxembourg part four! Here’s a lot of photos from Luxembourg old city, which is like a “hole” in Luxembourg city. It is very beautiful honestly. There’s also a few photos from my godmom’s place with loads of good food.

View of luxembourg city in luxembourg 2009We visited the catacombs in Luxembourg. (It’s inside the mountain)

exploring luxembourg in 2009 2I took this picture from inside the catacombs

exploring luxembourg in 2009More prettyness. Yes… PRETTY

Ida sandau in luxembourg 2009HAHAHAHAH I had to post this picture. Ida what are you looking at that is so disgusting?

steak, cream potatoes and veggies 2009 luxembourgMy 20th Birthday dinner in Luxembourg. My godfather cooked the meat which is from Argentina.

good food and champagne luxembourgChampagne WAS needed 😀

raspberries, blueberries and stawberries and chocolate fountain…And for Dessert a chocolate fountain with fruit, biscuits and marshmellows!!!

raspberries, blueberries and stawberries

fruit covered in chocolate dessert 2009My plate with dessert 😀


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