Looking Back: Summer 2013

This is part two out of a few posts. It’ll be pretty photo heavy  you’ve been warned.

You can see part one which holds the introduction right here.


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My boyfriend and I went to the beach. There’s a bonfire because it was Sankt Hans, which is a danish tradition. He also had his very first Danish hotdog!  The day after we went to Tivoli. My friend had given me some free entry tickets so we got it all for free, yay! It was so cozy and such a beautiful summer day. I had such a good time with him. Just walking around in there with all its beautiful scenery was wonderful. Tivoli has THE best churros and every time I’m there I have to have some. We also visited a chocolate store where we got some chocolate for his mom. The last photo is an inside joke because my boyfriend is sometimes called Billy. Don’t ask, lol. We also swung by a Drive in to watch Superman. It was our very first drive-in experience. And I must say, I am all in for drive-ins. This is something everyone should try.


Stay tuned for part three! 

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