25 Random Facts About Me


1. I love Disneyland. Love love love love love LOVE!
2. I have a scar, a little dot, under my nose from small pox.
3. Spiders freak me out.
4. I’m basically a Sloth I could sleep all day, I don’t though…
5. I hate running. Yeah, hate. 

Greek meet balls incoming

6. I love cooking (especially with and for others)
7. I like to eat frozen peas.
8. I once worked as a receptionist at a fish spa.
9. I did jujitsu for a few years as a kid.
10. I have moved house seven times in my life (so far)

Roomie Katrina

11. Katrina is the first person I’ve lived with besides my family (and she’s pretty amazeballs)
12. I have what is classified as tinnitus in my left ear.
13. After watching Leon as a kid I wanted to be a cleaner like him (I later changed my mind for obvious reasons)
14. I fell down a flight of stairs when I was ten.
15. I don’t like clowns.

Ecuador Wanderlust

16. I love to travel!
17. I am very emotional.
18. I don’t like the taste of lamb.
19. If I see a little snail on a path I move it to the side.
20. When I was 15 I lost my phone in the ocean.

Trivial Pursuit dk

21. I find a lot of joy in playing board games.
22. My favorite pizza is any pizza with pepperoni and cheese, lots of cheese.
23. I’m not that good at cracking eggs.
24. I like to think I have an undiscovered superpower.
25. When I was little I thought the planet Jupiter was pronounced Jupitop.

Here you can find the first round of random facts.

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