Monday’s lunch in a quiet city

It’s Easter and the city is pretty quiet since most things are closed. But my dad and I went out for lunch today to this restaurant named “Raw 42” (@ Pilestræde in Cph). I’ve heard about it before but never been to it and my dad really wanted to try out their food. The concept of Raw 42 is to not cook anything above 42 degrees. I had a blueberry/Ginger/apple Juice and my dad had a carrot/ginger/apple juice. We both had ‘Tapas’ which consisted of a slice of lasagna, a small sandwich and a slice of ‘pizza’ and for dessert we had some amazing cookies! It was surprisingly delicious and I would definitely want to come back. It was a tad pricey but not too bad when you think of how good and healthy it is/was.


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