Last Night’s Movie: “Sleepless In Seattle” ♡

This is another of my favorite movies. Oh how I adore rom-coms, and this one is one of the classics too. If you haven’t seen Sleepless In Seattle then… get to it! No, really though it may be old but it’s really good. Tom Hanks plays a father; Sam Baldwin who is also a lonely widower. His son tries to help him find a new partner by calling a radioshow, and Sam ends up telling everyone (who is listening) about himself on air. Meg Ryan (who by the way are one of my fave actresses) plays Annie Reed, a journalist from Baltimore. She, and a lot of other women, hear Sam’s story and fall for him. It’s such a sweet story, one that I can watch over and over again. The soundtrack is also sooooo good. I love those kind of oldschool songs.


(Photo credit: TriStar Pictures)

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