Upcoming must-see movies #3

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared some upcoming movies I’d like to watch. I haven’t shared any since this summer actually! But I can say that I’ve seen most of the ones listed on my previous posts. Anyway, here are a few movies that are coming to the Danish movie theaters {they may be released earlier or later in other countries} during December 2014, January 2015, and February 2015 which I really want to see!

Exodus: Gods and Kings: Coming to theaters on December 25th

It’s one of those movies that’s probably gonna be rather bad, sort of like Pompeii and Noah. But I like the mythology behind it and the actors. So I will give it a shot.

All Inclusive: Coming to theaters on December 25th

This trailer made me giggle a lot so I knew I’d have to put it on this list. It’s a Danish movie so for all of you who don’t understand that language I apologize. But perhaps there’ll be subs?

I Am Here: Coming to theaters on January 6th

I didn’t realize this movie was by a Danish director until I watched the trailer. What drew me towards the movie was Kim Basinger and the plot. It seems quite intriguing.

Camp X-Ray: Coming to theaters on January 15th

For some reason K Stewart gets a lot of hate. I’ve never been one of them. I’ve always adored her. This movie looks so tough! I can’t wait to watch it and see her performance as well.

American Sniper: Coming to theaters on January 22nd

I actually don’t like Bradley Cooper… Not sure why really, he’s always just seemed a bit annoying somehow. However, I did quite like him in Silver linings playbook and various others so maybe he’s grown on me. I like action, I like snipers; I need to watch this movie.

Project Almanac: Coming to theaters on January 29th

How creepy wouldn’t this be if it could actually happen? Time travelling isn’t my favorite subject but the way they’ve done it in this film is reaaaaal’ interesting.

Big Hero 6: Coming to theaters on January 29th

Loving this trailer! I can’t wait to watch it. It looks like such a fun Disney movie – and by now yall must know I love Disney!

The Imitation Game: Coming to theaters on January 29th

I want to watch everything Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) does haha! He is such a charmer and a brilliant actor. Also Kiera Knightley is in it, I love her!

Jupiter Ascending: Coming to theaters February 5th

Mila AND Channing, I’m in! The plot looks so-so. I mean it does look alright but it also feels like “another one of them sci-fi’s”

Kingsman: The secret Service: Coming to theaters February 26th

The, should I say older, cast of this movie looks very promising. The plot is right up my street and it looks like it has a lot of humor as well. BRING IT!


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