A glimpse of what we have been cooking for dinner in January 2019

What we’ve been cooking for dinner

Both Matt and I enjoy food and cooking new recipes. Perhaps I enjoy it a bit more than he does, but we generally both like to cook and we are both decent at it. I have quite a lot of cookbooks, (Matt would probably claim I have too many) so it is easy to find inspiration for new recipes. The past few months we have been using Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients quite a bit. If you have the book you might be able to spot some of his meals further down.

We do eat quite healthy dinners at home and we cook everything from scratch. Well, almost everything… We don’t make our own pasta yet, although I know it is something Matt would like to try. Our kitchen is rather small, so we don’t have room for a lot of machines and tools. We don’t even have a microwave! (and no it is not something I miss lol).

Inspiration for dinner

I wanted to show you guys what we have been cooking for dinner the past month. Mostly to give you some inspiration to simple dinner meals, because we like to keep it simple during a busy work week, and I personally like these kind of post on other peoples blogs/youtubes. It’s also nice for me to be able to look back at past meals and be inspired.

If you do have any questions to any of the meals, please go ahead and ask in a comment below. Most of the meals we cook are from our cookbooks, although I do cook a lot of Danish meals my mom passed on to me such as Frikadeller (picture X below).

Without further ado here is what we’ve been cooking for dinner in January through May 2019. Oh and it’s not ALL meals, as I sometimes forget to document them or simple can’t be arsed. ✌️

Dinner inspiration January  – 2019

dinner week 2 2019
Dinner week 3 2019
Garlicky mushrooms with cheese sidedish week 2 2019

Garlicky mushrooms with cheese

Chicken with vegetables week 2 2019

Chicken and vegetables

lemony courgette pasta week 2 2019

Lemony courgette pasta

meltin mustardy beef week 2 2019

Meltin mustardy beef

Cauliflower curry week 2 2019

Cauliflower curry

quick asian fishcakes week 3 2019

Quick Asian Fishcakes and fries

sausage carbonara week 2+3 2019

Sausage Carbonara

creamy mustard chicken week 3 2019

Creamy mustard chicken

chicken and mushroom quiche with tzatsiki week 3 2019

chicken & mushroom quiche

chicken something jamie oliver week 4 2019

Lemony chicken and potato wedges

lasagne week 4 2019

Lasagne and salad

messy meatball buns week 4 2019

This ‘Messy Meatball buns’ recipe from Jamie Oliver is delish!


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