Monday Mumbles

English house

 01. Hello everyone! This is the first Monday Mumbles of 2018, granted it is not the first Monday of the year. I actually started this year in England with Matt and his family. We traveled back home on the first Wednesday of the year, and I’ve since then been slightly busy with work and other bits. So I didn’t really have the time to sit down and blog, until yesterday and today. 

 02. Last week I started working on my internship report. And this week I will hopefully do some interviews for it, so I can wrap it up the following week or week after.

 03. I will also be working on some blog posts, something I’ve looked forward to for a while. I just didn’t have the time the last five months during my internship and part-time job. Now, however, I do! Well… When I don’t have to write on my internship report or when I’m at my job. Oh and I have two giveaways coming up this month and next month, yay!

 04. Matt traveled to England last Friday, and will be gone until the 29th. I already miss him terribly, it’s so odd not having him around. I look forward to the 29th when he’s back <3 But I’m glad he gets to spend some time with his family. 


Have a great week! x

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