Emma Hardie Face cloths

Emma hardie 3 pack face cloths

This isn’t really going to be an in-depth review of a face cloth, cause I mean… can that really be done? and is it necessary? 😅 So if you want an in depth review look elsewhere, I’ll just give you the matter of facts.

It’s a face cloth. It’s great for using in combination with a cleanser, it feels good and it lasts long.

In short all I want to say is that I really like Emma Hardie’s face cloths. They are dual sided, or what Emma Hardie calls “Dual action”. All it means is that it has two different sides of fabric, one thats a bit more abrasive and one thats smooth. I personally prefer to use the “abrasive” (and I say “” because it really isn’t that abrasive) side first and then i finish with the smoother side.

On days where I feel super lazy I dont use them. Then I skip a proper cleanse and just do a quick cotton pad and Micellar water cleanse – which I know is not that great… but when im just too sleepy I tell myself it’s good enough. This happens max 1 day a week tho’ on average.

Back to Emma Hardie: Do you really have to buy this particular face cloth? Won’t a regular cheap ikea flannel do? Yes, yes it will. But to be fair those are actually a bit more abrasive. I like these cloths and I will probably be sticking with them for a while.

I know a face cloth is not alpha-omega to a skincare routine, but it honestly has become a beloved addition to mine. So IF you are considering trying out face cloths I can gladly recommend this brand!

Emma hardie face cloths box from top
face cloth two sides emma hardie
the best face cloth cotton emma hardie
Emma hardie face cloths box from side
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