Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. Three days and it’s officially Halloween. And this folks, {the photo above}, is all the creativeness I had in me. Tragic, I know. But hey, I brought some Halloween spirit! To be honest I am not in a very Halloween-y mood this year. I’m actually already super excited for Christmas! Yup. I’m one of those who starts Christmas way to early. In fact I’m listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album right now. THE JOY!!! 

❤ 02. I have a new give-away to “post” very soon, it’s just around the corner! Excited???

❤ 03. I had a good Birthday. And a wonderful week in Stockholm! I got a lot of clothes, which had been on my wish list, and also some makeup and a new graphic card. A graphic card for a Birthday present you think!?!?!? YES. I am very happy because I really wanted a new one and I am a nerd at heart. I do not only have a laptop I have a big beautiful stationary computer. If you like to game, which I do, I do feel you need a “REAL” computer. I also usually blog from said computer.  But hey, that’s just me!

❤ 04. Exams will begin in about 1½ months. Oh how time flies! Cray cray.



Have a good last week of October! Happy Halloween out there ♡  

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