Monday mumbles

❤ 01.  My voice is slowly returning to its normal self again. I’m hoping that it will be completely back to normal before the exams are over lol. It would be lovely if I have to sound funky at all my exams. I don’t feel ill at all anymore I just feel a little tired because I still cough a lot. But I tend to believe that all the tea I’m drinking is helping to stop me from coughing so much and oh my father was here yesterday and he brought me some more of my favorite tea. YAY

❤ 02. I just (a couple of hours ago) drew my subject for tomorrows exam. Eeeeep I was actually lucky today! I didn’t get the subject I hated the most I got the one I actually preferred!! The subject I got was “Pedro Almodovar – Volver”. Can you guess what exam I have tomorrow? Yep, Spanish. I’m not really that nervous even though, I am a little intimidated to walk into the room and speak Spanish with my teacher and the censor. But I love my teacher she is amazing and I know she will guide me through it if I get lost. Also I’m the FIRST to go in tomorrow which I kinda like. Then they have no expectations haha.

❤ 03. This week is going to be all staying in studying and watching movies and playing some games. I have another exam this Friday and I’m actually looking forward to that 😮  I think it’s because I really like the subject and I just have this good feeling about it. I have to prepare myself a lot of course and I never expect too much (I dislike being disappointed), but as stated I have a good feeling! I’m also going out for city-lunch thing this Sunday, I think? I’m not sure if the girls have decided on Saturday or Sunday yet but I will be there!

❤ 04.  Oh and I’ve figured out when I have vacation. My last exam is the 21st of June and I should start on the course July 11th. So I’ll have three weeks of vacation there! And I really feel like going somewhere just for a few days. I could really use a getaway. I get a little ‘meh’ or anxious if I stay in Denmark too long. I love Denmark, but I love traveling and experiencing new places even more I would say. So I’m gonna start planning something. I will at least have to travel around autumn! I simply must.


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