Catch up, Katrina and brunch!

Mad og kaffe frederiksberg 2020 juli

katrina aaslaid 2020 july 2

Catchin’ up with Katrina

Today I met up with my sweetest Katrina. She’s such a good egg! I always love meeting her and catching up, chatting, sharing, learning and talking about life. We used to live together, many years ago and I am so thankful we did and I got to know her. I still remember the roomie-interview I had with her back in what, 2013? Can’t believe it has been so long hah.

We also both work in the same field too (marketing), and she is absolutely brilliant. She’s especially great at controlling ads (like you know online advertisements) and I just love learning from her. I haven’t worked that much with ads myself, a part from writing copy for ads and doing a few instagram ads, so I love hearing about it. I generally find the whole backend and strategy of ads so interesting!

Mad og kaffe frederiksberg juli 2020

Brunch: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, chicken nugget, cheese sausace, smoked salmon, cream cheese, Danish vesterhavsost with jam and bread – YES PLEASE!

Brunch @ Mad & Kaffe

We went to Mad & Kaffe on Frederiksberg for a nice brunch. You will honestly always get a great brunch there, I at least have never been disappointed. Great quality food and okay prices, or well at least okay Copenhagen prices! My favorite thing about having brunch at this place is that you have like 30 different things to pick from and then you sort of create your own brunch ensemble. I believe brunch only lasts till 12:30 or 13:00, and there’s usually a bit of a wait to get a table… So make sure you arrive a bit before you actually want to eat.

katrina aaslaid 2020 july 3
katrina aaslaid 2020 july 1

Have a nice Friyay out there!


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