A whole new quiet world

Kongens Nytorv Copenhagen 14.03.20

It’s only been a few days since our prime minister told us to avoid crowds, work from home, stay indoors as much as possible, stay in the country and that our borders are now closing – but it is already affecting our world and daily lives a lot. This Covid-19 (corona virus) is a serious thing and I, as many others, worry for my loved ones who are elderly and/or have underlying illnesses.

I don’t particularly mind having to stay indoors more than usual. Plus we can still go for walks and buy groceries as long as we don’t have any symptoms – we just need to keep a bit of distance between ourselves and others. Many stores are still open, and yesterday I went to Magasin to get a new deodorant as I had run out and also picked up groceries from Mad & Vin. I was a bit on the fence about going there, but there were not many people out at all – it was fine!

Today I have been chilling at home, but to be honest that is often what I do on Sundays a part from one change: My local gym is closed. Yes, I know… it is totally a first world problem. Alas I am a creature of habit and I like going to the gym every Sunday morning. Plus my friend would usually join me and we got to chat and catch up too. It’s time to change my routines and find new ones, at least for now.

While Denmark is in lockdown mode
I have thought of a few things I would like to spend my time doing:

To do

To watch

To listen


How are you guys doing? What is your country doing in these corona-times?

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