I was using my old blog where all my old posts still are this summer so here are a some mixed summer pictures, from when I came back to Denmark. (I had been in America for 5 months). It’s a mix from family to friends, etc. There aren’t that many pictures from Denmark since I spent so much time in America during the summer. But there’s a few…

old danish summerhouse denmarkVisiting my Godparents danish country house in August.

John og ida-marie lund barbequeingGodfather and God sister <3

BBQ spareribs summer 2009…mmmmm spareribs

Ida-marie lund on a trampolineGodsister (Her name is Ida-Marie btw)

summer food at godmoms summer house 2009

cafe carlton københavn 2009Back in the city at one of my favorite cafés with my daddy

brunch cafe carlton 2009Besten’ veggie brunch


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