25 Random Facts about me

1. I love the ocean. It is so beautiful, but I’m scared of swimming in it.
2. Seafood is not my thing. I dislike shrimps, clams and most fish.
3. I am not a morning person and probably never will be.
4. My favorite number is four.
5. I have never broken a bone.


6. I love sunsets. I think they are so romantic.
7. I really dislike feet, is there anything more disgusting?
8. I am a HUGE movie nerd.
9. I don’t like ketchup. I know, I’m that person.
10. I love the smell of basements and lofts.


11. I feel very “at home” in the rain forest.
12. Sushi is one of my favorite dishes. {which contradicts nr. 2, but it’s pretty much the only kinda fish I eat}
13. I’m a dog person AND a cat person.
14. I am a gamer.
15. Family time is my favorite.


16. I didn’t like noodles and that sort of food until recently. {Wagamama changed my mind}
17. I’m allergic to oranges and that’s okay cause I don’t particularly like them.
18. I always start listening to Christmas music way before December.
19. I often cry in movies.
20. I don’t really get angry, but I get annoyed very easily.


21. I love Champagne. However, I dislike red and white wine.
22. I don’t eat crust on pizzas.
23.  I am so bad at applying false eyelashes.
24. My first “real” job was delivering newspapers on my bike. Never. again.
25. I can’t draw.


There it is, 25 random facts about me. I will probably do another post like this in the future. Have you had any list? Link them in a comment below if you want, I’d love to read them!


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