Monday Mumbles

 01. Aloha(mora)! It’s been a while since my last Monday Mumbles. In fact I think I started my last Monday Mumbles post almost the same… WOOPSIE.  If you haven’t read my last few life updates, or followed me on social media (or like… know me IRL) then you might have missed that I moved in with my boyfriend and I attended ISUP (International Summer University Programme).

 02. Since I finished ISUP I’ve now got vacation – I’m beyond chuffed! I won’t have that many days, but I had half of last week and another 10 days. I’ve actually got quite a few things planned, last weekend we went to my moms and this weekend I’ve got the family picnic. And the weekend after my friend Maiken is getting married. I also start my internship next week, but more about that another day.

 03.Today Matt and I are celebrating our anniversary. We’ve been together for two years (and lived together for 6 weeks but who’s counting), and because we thought we’d celebrate it Matt took the entire day off too. This means we get to do fun stuff all day! I do hope it won’t rain… Tonight we are going to a really nice steak restaurant. I’ve been looking forward to this all last week! 

 04. On Friday I have a shift at the organization I work for (Natteravnene). I can’t wait! I honestly enjoy the volunteering so much, and on Friday we’re going somewhere else because highschoolers are partying in Ulvedalene (we’re talking hundreds of teens) and as such we will be in that area.


Have the best week! x



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