Origins Giveaway


It’s time for another giveaway! YAAAY. Right? In two weeks my exams will begin for me and I bet for others too. So I figured I’d treat one of you to a “Beginners kit”. The kit consists of a cleansing milk, tonic, serum and moisturizer.

The Make A Difference series is for people who needs to say goodbye to dry skin. I used this range myself a while back, it was my first daytime lotion from Origins and I loved it. I’d definitely go back to it if I needed to hydrate my skin once again. However, at the moment I personally use A Perfect World since that is what my skin needs today.

Wishful visits #1


Say hello to Wishful Visits. Something I thought of during yesterday night when I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking that I really wanted to travel with Richard. Then I started thinking of the many destinations I wanted to go to and there are quite a few. And thus this entry was born! I will be posting many more destination posts of where I would like to go. A little about the place, why I want to visit and what I would like to see and do. I hope you’ll like it. If anything it is a great way for myself to remember all the places and have some information written down about them.

{…The photos are from Google, edited by me.}

Grace Hotel Santorini

Santorini is an Island about 200 km from the mainland, in Greece. To get there you have to fly or go by boat. It is a place famous for their unique architecture and I have heard that people say it might have a connection to Atlantis.

I’ve seen quite a few photos on various blogs and this place always just seemed so magical with the clear blue water surrounding it and the beautiful white buildings. I also have some people in my family who’s been there and had only positive things to say. I would love to go there for a week or two just to relax, see the place and eat delicious food. I want to have a romantic dinner whilst watching the sunset. Lie in a pool and relax whilst having one of the best views of the ocean. Jump on a boat and see Santorini from another view. A few weeks in paradise, no?

Have any of you ever been there? Got any good tips of places to see or places to eat?



Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. It’s finally spring, like actually spring. It’s been really warm lately and I kinda feel like it might even be summer! Speaking of summer I think this year will be another work-as-much-as-possible summers. I’d love to travel a bit but next year, right?

❤ 02. I spend Easter in Stockholm with my boyfriend. I didn’t really do any Easter related things. I think next year we should do an egg hunt and paint some eggs! It is now planned.

❤ 03. My iPhone case is semi-broken now. So I’ve been on the look out for a new one to protect my phone since I don’t want to accidentally drop my phone and break it… Who does? Then I discovered through Ulrikke Lund, a blogger, that there is 15% off at stickygram (edit: Sticky has unfortunately shut down but luckily offers a similar service)! So I decided to create my own cover with MY OWN instagram photos and some photo magnets. So excited to receive them! Just wanted so share in case there are others who are on the look out for a new cover or magnets 🙂

❤ 04. I’m working on another, wonderful if I may add, giveaway. Stay tuned it will be up this week!

Hope your Monday was amazeballs! ♡ 

Last seen in the cinema: “Noah”


Richard and I went to the movies during the Easter break to watch a couple of movies, one of them being Noah. I never actually saw the trailer but I remember reading about it. Admittedly it was the cast-list that made us watch it. I have to say that I was really not that entertained… I was a bit bored. The actors did a swell job but there was just something about that movie that was off to me. It may sound weird but we both felt like that. I’ve heard very mixed reviews from my friends as well. Some like it, but most people I know didn’t like it much either. I do like the story about Noah. And I liked the way they portrayed the fallen angels but that is not enough for me. I can’t recommend Noah to anyone – but we all have different opinions so maybe one of you guys will like it or liked it?

Life Lately ♡


On the 10th of April I packed my suitcase and went to Stockholm to spend Easter with Richard. Before I left I met up with my one of my best girls DJ to eat some cheesecake. That strawberry cheesecake was incredibly delicious! In Stockholm my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner a few times and I wore my newest dress for the occasion. Not sure why I look so serious on that selfie though!? Whilst in Stockholm we also went bowling with one of my best friends Patrick. I lost BIG time. I am so rubbish at bowling. I still have, and had, fun though! My week in Stockholm was wonderful and I miss my boyfriend so much already. In the airport on the way home I ate another cheesecake…. I guess I have a thing for cheesecakes?