Wishful visits #1

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Say hello to Wishful Visits. Something I thought of during yesterday night when I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking that I really wanted to travel with Richard. Then I started thinking of the many destinations I wanted to go to and there are quite a few. And thus this entry was born! I will be posting many more destination posts of where I would like to go. A little about the place, why I want to visit and what I would like to see and do. I hope you’ll like it. If anything it is a great way for myself to remember all the places and have some information written down about them.

{…The photos are from Google, edited by me.}

Grace Hotel Santorini

Santorini is an Island about 200 km from the mainland, in Greece. To get there you have to fly or go by boat. It is a place famous for their unique architecture and I have heard that people say it might have a connection to Atlantis.

I’ve seen quite a few photos on various blogs and this place always just seemed so magical with the clear blue water surrounding it and the beautiful white buildings. I also have some people in my family who’s been there and had only positive things to say. I would love to go there for a week or two just to relax, see the place and eat delicious food. I want to have a romantic dinner whilst watching the sunset. Lie in a pool and relax whilst having one of the best views of the ocean. Jump on a boat and see Santorini from another view. A few weeks in paradise, no?

Have any of you ever been there? Got any good tips of places to see or places to eat?



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