I love love love Christina Perri’s music. It is so emotional and beautiful. Her new album Head or Heart” hits iTunes and stores the 10th of march this year. This is her first single from her new album “Human” and how beautiful and true isn’t it?


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This movie makes me so angry. Angry for our main character played by Mads Mikkelsen. Angry that people are like that, but at the same time I understand. The subject is so taboo and this movie is absolutely excellent at showing how wrong it can go. I didn’t love this movie, but I liked it a lot. It makes you think a lot about how easy it is for children to lie because we believe it is something they wouldn’t do. But they do it – they lie. “The Hunt” or “Jagten” as it is called in Danish is something I would definitely recommend watching if you want to watch a great drama. Truth be told the reason I finally decided to watch it is because it is nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. I hope it wins! You can watch the trailer here.

Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. I had the coziest day yesterday with Sarah. It’s always a blast hanging with her. I took her to the Zoological Museum of Denmark. Couldn’t believe she had never been and I recalled how much I loved it as a little girl, due to my love and interest of animals. It was one of them really good Sundays!

❤ 02. I have two more exams left to do. One the 20th and another the 31st. I am admittedly a tad nervous but I am usually okay once I’m at the examination.

❤ 03. I have to mention Disney’s new movie Frozen. IT IS JUST SO GOOD. Richard and I watched it a few weeks ago and we both loved it. I probably loved it more than him. I can only recommend all of you to watch it – if it is still showing at the cinema.

❤ 04. This week will be all about reading through the material for my exams. The joy! I hope all of you will have a lovely week.


I was flipping through my photographs on my computer and found these beautiful photos of my younger sister from last summer. She is the kindest and most beautiful girl I know. Plus she is so very bright. I love her loads. And she is so fun taking photos with – she’s a natural 


Giveaway: Origins Serum


It is that time again. Give-away time! I was originally gonna post this in December but I had too much on my plate. I was working so hard on exams and I decided to postpone it until I had time. I hope you understand. Please read on to see how you enter the give-away 🙂