Billede0521 Billede0429 Billede0469When I was born, I was born with A LOT of dark hair. Naturally I turned out to be a brunette with green eyes tho ;O Through the years I have had different hair colors such as red, black, blond stripes, purple, lighter brown and the latest color I had done was blond! It was only half of my hair that was in fact blond the other half was brown, the sun had lightened up my hair so it looked lighter than it is at the roots. The hair started to grow out, cause that is what hair does duh, and I finally decided to go back to my natural color! So yes folks I am now a brunette again woohoo!! I had completely forgotten how well it suits me. Oh how I’ve missed you my dark sexy hair.


Waking up late, taking a shower and going out to meet my papa and my baby sister who is soon to be 8 years, time really goes by fast! Oh Sundays are great Today we went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Took a while longer for me to get there, the snow had messed up the traffic :< Can’t spring come soon? I miss it!

Sarah Steenbergen eating at hard rock café copenhagen 2010

Sarah – My adorable baby sister

nachos from hard rock café copenhagen

club sandwich, nachos and drink at hard rock café copenhagen

My lunch or well brunch. A club sandwich YUM

strawberry daiquiry hard rock café copenhagen

I might have ordered a strawberry Daiquiri cause its just so damn good 😡

dad eating Caesar salad at hard rock cafe copehagen

My papa eating his Caesar Salad.


word vomit photo

You are driving pretty much everyone insane with what you are doing.
Personally you don’t drive me insane I lost my respect for you a
couple a months ago so I don’t really care anymore. I do care
about the others though. I keep hearing people bitch about how you treat
others badly and moan and whine cause you want everyone to be more like superman.
Everyone keeps saying “He has lost it”. Maybe you have?

I don’t know what the hell happened to you. You used to be fun and kind,
made everyone including me feel good. I don’t get why your bitterness should make
you act like this towards others. Maybe I am all wrong, maybe I don’t get you at all.
I don’t really care if I do or not but there must be something about it when you have
turned so many people against you. Are you even aware of this at all?
So this is my wake-up bitch call to you out there who may possibly never read this.




I went out with my mother today and the day started with a very few snowflakes falling from the sky. By the time we got back home, we were out for about four hours or something like that, it was snowing A LOT. I like snow, don’t get me wrong here but we are almost in March and to be honest I would like to see spring in a couple of weeks :< Or just a glimpse of it!

We went to Sunset Boulevard to get some lunch. If you want bad service you should definitely go there!! They were horribly slow and also misplaced the receipt where they had my order written down on, great. Good food tho’. After that we just went to buy groceries and window shopping. Very cozy and quiet day.