Maiken’s (Bae’s) Bachelorette Party

On this day, last year myself and some other lovely ladies threw a bachelorette party for Maiken. I met Maiken at UNI in 2013, where we both studied for our bachelor degree. It wasn’t until the 2nd semester we properly bonded, and from then on we were basically always together at UNI. She is truly one of the most amazing friends you could ever wish for, and we always have fun when we are together. I love that girl to bits!

It was such a pleasure to help plan and prepare this day for her. We were blessed with sunny weather, which was perfect as we had planned for a day on sea, in a park and walking a bit around the city. I took quite a few photos, and filmed a little too (the video is below).

Waiting for everyone to arrive

The beautiful bride-to-be ?

On our way to the next adventure

Line dance class

Drink and cake break in the park

Time for a game of twister

Drinks at a bar to round of the day

? ? ?

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