Visiting my godmother in Hornbæk

sommerhus i hornbæk ved stranden

On a sporadic Wednesday I went to visit my godmother in Hornbæk. She just became the proud owner of a summer house in Hornbæk and it happened to be very close to my job in Kvistgård. After work I drove to my godmoms house to see both her and my godsister. We had first talked about having some food at their summer house, but I was then asked if I wanted to go on a boat ride and then eat dinner at a small street food market in Hornbæk. As I don’t really go sailing too often I thought it sounded like a fun afternoon/evening. We were also joined by my godmoms friends brother Jeppe, who seemed like a lovely person. I had also never been to the street food area in Hornbæk before and as a Foodie I was quite excited to try that. It was a really nice evening and I look forward to visit them again and also to visit the street food in Hornbæk again.

my godmom kristina walking in hornbæk

My godmom walking towards Hornbæk Harbor

fiskehuset hornbæk outside

The little fishmonger in Hornbæk

a little cute boat and godsis in the back
godmom and godsister on the little boat
godmom prepping the boat hornbæk

Getting ready to ‘set sail’ (im so bad at boat lingo)

godsis on a boat august 21
boat life for a day in hornbæk
me and my godsis in a boat august 21
My godmom kristina lund sailing
my beautiful godmother kristina
danish summer sea august 2021
beautiful godsis on a boat august 2021 hornbæk
my sweet godsister ida marie lund laughing hornbæk
ida marie close to falling in the sea lol
Me, godsis and godmom and a boat
selfie of leah salazar in hornbæk
Hornbæk havn og område august 2021

Street Food Hornbæk: “Det fedtede hjørne”

After our fun boat ride we went to Hornbæks small, but good, street food area called “Det fedtede hjørne“, which means The Greasy Corner. It’s not the biggest street food market, well to be frank it is tiny – but I actually found it to be just right. I’m a classic street food girl and I love a good taco, so naturally I wanted to try a taco. My godmom got a few different tacos and I got a small one of them, cause I wanted to try the Hornbæk burger too. Both were really nice, I especially liked the taco. The burger was good but I think Jagger, Gasoline Grill and other burger places are nicer. But I would have it again!

We were also sharing our table with two other people and they had the cutest little labrador puppy 😍 She was pretty new at being out among this many people we were told, so she was a bit untrained. However, she was super cute and put her head on my feet many times. But who could honestly mind that when its a lil’ puppy!?

people in hornbæk at det fedtede hjørne 2021

View of the street food area. There’s about 7-8 eateries.

Hornbæk burger menu det fedtede hjørne 2021
different street food tacos hornbæk det fedtede hjørne
cute little puppy sharing our table hornbæk
burger det fedtede hjørne hornbæk 2021

The burger I had in Hornbæk

street food tacos det fedtede hjørne hornbæk

This taco was great!

my godmom, godsister and Jeppe
Indian food hornbæk det fedtede hjørne
det fedtede hjørne i hornbæk folk

Love this seating area at Det Fedtede Hjørne


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