Monday Mumbles


01. When I was in England I ordered a lot of cookbooks. I’m not certain how anyone can resist a beautiful cookbook. Perhaps it’s just one of my ‘things’. I love cookbooks. I love the fact they are packed with yummy inspiration (probably because I like to cook) and they usually give great guidance. The one thing that can become a headache is the fact that measurements differ from country to country. However, I bought these smart magnets from Lakeland which has some conversions written on em’. Now the funny thing about all my cookbooks is that I didn’t have room for them in my suitcase haha so I kinda left them at Matt’s place and last Friday he brought some of them with him. Time to try new recipes!

02. This is my last week of “vacation” before classes begin again. This week im gonna read some, work and hopefully feel ready for classes. I must admit this upcoming semester is going to be tough. Like, really tough. I have three classes + my bachelor paper to write. It will be tough. But I will do my very best. That’s really all I can do.

03. I helped my friend Maiken move for a few hours last Saturday. I’m sad to see her leave Copenhagen (because we lived really close to each other) but I am so very happy that she has gotten a new place with space for her cats and her new boyfriend (Haha I kinda made it sound like he’s classed as a cat too. He’s not though, or is he? ?). I look forward to visiting them in their new place!

04. Today I plan to bake a few buns for sandwiches for this week and next week. I really like making my own bread it just tastes a bit better than the stuff you buy in a grocery store, plus I make sure to put some healthy seeds in there too (i’m obsessed with flax and chia at the moment).

Have a great Monday!



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