It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some upcoming movies I’d like to watch (last time was in December). I actually managed to watch seven out of the ten listed on the previous list!! Anyway, here are a few movies that are coming to the Danish movie theaters (they may be released earlier or later in other countries) during May and June 2015 which I really want to see!

Wild Tales: Coming to theaters on May 7th

This seems crazy. I need to see it!

Tomorrowland: Coming to theaters on May 21st

Richard and I saw a seven minute preview of this movie when we went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron (which is awesome btw) and it really made me want to watch Tomorrowland! 

While We’re Young: Coming to theaters on May 28th

I really like Ben Stiller in more “serious” roles and I loooove Adam Driver. So definitely a must see!

Spy: Coming to theaters on June 4th

Melissa McCarthy is HILARIOUS.

Jurassic World: Coming to theaters  on June 11th

I am actually not the biggest Jurrasic Park fan… However, this new one does seem really good and I do like Chris Pratt (parks and recreations anyone!?) so…

Paris of the North: Coming to theaters on June 11th

I don’t understand Icelandic one bit but this movie does seem quite good.

Pride: Coming to theaters on June 18th

Seems like a really good story and I quite like the cast.

Suite Française: Coming to theaters on June 21st

Testament of Youth: Coming to theaters on June 25th

It’s Jon Snow! That’s basically it… Yup.

Hot Pursuit: Coming to theaters on July 31st

I have always adored Reese Witherspoon so I knew I had to see this! It’s only a plus Sofia Vergara is in it, she’s brilliant in Modern Family!

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