This Week’s: I Hate It When…

1. I buy a piece of cake because the frosting looks so good. But then discover its just creme fraiche
2. I spill a glass of milk all over my desk which I almost never do : x
3. I in my lunch break manage to step in gum. Who put that next to my foot?
4. People use the phrase “FML”. I’m sure you don’t want someone to actually f*ck your life
5. I pull out my headphones but didn’t really notice that they were stuck in my earrings. OUCH
6. The weather tricks me into thinking it won’t rain so I leave my umbrella at home
7. It hasn’t rained all day but starts pouring down as I walk home (..but of course)
8. I go to the laundry room with towels/sheets/clothes and realize I forgot the detergent
9. I take a shower but forget about the fact that most of my towels are in the washing machine…
(Luckily I have towels stored up but I still dripped everywhere. But hey, the floor gets cleaned)
10. I ask my friend a question to then get told I asked the same question one minute ago.

I’m looking forward to read if YOU guys had any fun/annoying/silly moments this week.
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