Monday Mumbles


01. Good morning! Doesn’t this photo just make you want to travel? It makes me want to go straight back to Ecuador at least. I wanted to mention that there will be coming more ‘parts’ to my Ecuador posts. I know it’s from two years ago but I simply forgot about it, and I want it to be on my blog. Better late than never I say.

02. Last week I made my first ever sponsored post. And I want to say a few things about that! I will never talk (post) about anything I do not see fit on my blog. Every word, and opinion, written here will be my very own at all times. Why did I agree to a sponsored post? Well, I have blogged for many years for the simple reason to share my life with my family (and because I like to write and take photos). Then it turned into my little haven, and today (last week) I decided that I would delve into the other side of blogging. I love my blog, it’s my little baby. But it is also a hobby. And it cannay’ hurt if my hobby will make me a little coin on the side. I hope you understand, and that you know I will always be honest. And don’t worry this won’t EVER turn into one of those blogs that only consists of sponsored posts – that’s not fun for anyone.

03. Today there is exactly ten days left until my bachelor thesis is due. P A N I C.

04. In other news I am excited that Britain’s Got Talent is back! I loooove that show, especially the auditions. I’ve been watching it sometimes in the evening when I’ve had time. I think so far my favorites are; ‘Presentation School Choir‘, ‘Soldier Richard‘, ‘Darren Altman‘, ‘Craig Ball‘, ‘Shannon and Peter‘ and ‘Another kind of blue‘. To be honest there’s a long of other great acts, especially some edge-of-your-seats ones, but I hope one of these will win!


The winner of Tony Moly giveaway is Cathrine Autzen. Congratulations, I’ve sent you an email! x


Have a great week. x


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