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Okay so I have just now added a new widget (you can see it at the sidebar) which is a free charity website. I know it sounds too good to be true that you can actually do free charity work but let me explain how it works in my words.


– Basicly what you do is you click on the small banner in my sidebar and then another window will pop up. Then, and here is how it works, you can presented by different adverts where you have to answer a couple of questions or watch a video or something like that. And when you have done that the company who’s advert you just saw/read will donate to the charity I am supporting.

Who does the charity go to?

– On you can make a profile/user and chose whatever cause YOU would like to support. By clicking on my banner/widget in the sidebar you are supporting World Wildlife Fund. I am all in for helping our nature and animals thus I picked this cause :>


How can we know it’s not a scam?

– Well I guess you can never be 100% sure but my own experience is that this is ‘real’. I have received some bracelets from them and some stickers as a thanks for helping out. Before I supported WWF I supported ‘Save the polar bears’ and that cause reached it’s goal not so long ago. WWF will reach their goal pretty soon as well, after that I will change my banner to support another cause! If you want to know more about Socialvibe I suggest you go to their blog here or their website here.



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