Sleeping patterns

Sometimes something as simple as when you fall asleep can turn everything upside down. I’m not talking about when you go to bed, I’m talking about when you are in bed and try to fall asleep. I have always been able to fall asleep five-ten minutes after I placed my corpus in bed. But lately it takes anything from an hour till two hours. It is exhausting. So I asked myself why this is? I’ve come to realize it’s because I am nervous. It’s a little silly maybe but I guess to my subconsciousness it’s not. You see in about a week I will know if I get in to “CBS” {Copenhagen Business School} and it is killing me that I don’t know what will happen. At the moment I am a student at Copenhagen University but since I don’t feel like continue with the course I’m at I decided to go after what I applied for last year as well.

Last year I didn’t get into CBS because I was missing a course I was taking that same summer. Fair enough. So i embarked on a journey at CPH Uni instead which I do not regret. Because at CPH Uni I gained a lot of friendships and knowledge at the same time of course. But my heart was still set on CBS. So now, I’m really not in the know and my subconsciousness is beating me up inside. So I’m very tired these days and not so full of energy. I hope to get in, of course, but I’ve also prepared myself for the worst scenario, {Me not getting in obviously}. But I know it won’t kill me if I don’t get in, it will make me upset for sure but I know that’s not what’s bothering me. It’s just not knowing… That’s the gruesome part. Have you ever felt like this?

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