IMG_69600We visited the catacombs in Luxembourg. (It’s inside the mountain)

IMG_6909I took this picture from inside the catacombs

IMG_6929More prettyness. Yes… PRETTY

IMG_6965HAHAHAHAH I had to post this picture. Ida what are you looking at that is so disgusting?

IMG_6983My 20th Birthday dinner in Luxembourg. My godfather cooked the meat which is from Argentina.

IMG_6975Champagne WAS needed 😀

IMG_6995…And for Dessert a chocolate fountain with fruit, biscuits and marshmellows!!!


IMG_7002My plate with dessert 😀


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IMG_6838This is from Belgium. One of the days we decided to take a little drive to a town called ‘Bastogne’.

IMG_6842Mom & Ida looking for a restaurant..

quiche lorraineMy lunch . Quiche Lorraine – Didn’t get that many pictures from Belgium cause my camera ‘died’.

brunch croissantsBrunch the next day. YUM YUM YUM!!!

IMG_6877Blueberries, blueberries BLUEBERRIES <3

IMG_6885Sweetest Knirke


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IMG_6816My godmothers cozy dining room.. Yes poor quality picture :<

IMG_6810This is what we call ‘skum’ in danish. Its literally just sugar with some color in it, really yummy!

IMG_6817Spaghetti Carbonara <3

IMG_6829Adam eating icecream with ‘skum’ on it. It looks messy but its  so good!

IMG_6833The cutest cat ever is this little one, Knirke. Here she is lying near my moms legs while we were all watching twilight on the big screen that we were playing singstar on earlier. (The big screen that took up the whole wall)


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After my birthday in October we went to visit my lovely godmother, godfather and god-sister who all lives in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a small country but it’s so adorable and it borders up to almost everything. Which is why we also went to Belgium since its right ‘next door’. It was such a cozy trip, it was my stepsister Ida, my mom, her boyfriend and I who went to Luxembourg. We got up around 5am to drive down there ._. waaaaay to early if you ask me ;P But the drive is always fun. At least for the one who doesn’t have to drive for 9 hours. The last night we were there we celebrated my birthday since my godmother missed the one in Denmark. She made the best food and dessert oh it was sooooo good! I’m looking very much forward to Christmas where we see each other again <3

ida og leahIda and I at 5am in the car. Such a silly picture of us 😡

IMG_6717When we arrived we were greeted with Sushi <3 (My favorite thing)

IMG_6725This is a little piece of heaven, I’m sure of it!

IMG_6729My godmother in her living room

IMG_6772Later we played singstar. (check who’s on top there)

IMG_6787My sweet little-god-sister and her friend Adam


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Let’s talk Mascaras


Finding The Perfect Mascara

When it comes to beauty products mascaras are a definite must-have for me. Some mornings, where I value sleep over spending extra time on my face (i.e. a lot of makeup), I only put on my mascara and one of my lipsticks before heading out the door. In my opinion mascara can really do a lot for you on its own, although when accompanied by an eye-lash curler… It can do so much more!

Salted Almonds


I’m pretty sure most people have at some point eaten or even made salted almonds. I remember they got re-hyped a few years ago at least. Last time I was at my mom’s she was snacking on some of her homemade salted almonds, which made me want to make some too. This is my first attempt to make them – and well… it’s easier than scratching your bum!