I remember these lists from when I was younger and you usually still see them in magazines filled out by celebrities . Anyhow, I think its fun to fill out and I just happened to stumble over this one. So here goes!

Facts ..

Name: Leah Salazar

Called: Leah or Sephira

Star sign: Libra

Right or left handed: I’m right handed!

Piercings: Just the average in each ear..

Tattoo’s: One on my left wrist (I want more tho!)

Height: 1.69

Shoe size: 38-39 (European size thingy)

Natural hair color: Brunette – Dark brown

Freckles? Nope

Got a crush? Yes

Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Sometimes

Do you think you are attractive? Yep

Do you drink? Yes. But never beer, I’m a cocktail girl!

Do you smoke? No, but I used to

Which shampoo do you use? Redken ‘Control’ i think that is what it’s called

What perfume do you use? Gucci Envy and Gucci Envy me (… and more)

What are you afraid of? The dark, swimming in the ocean, spiders and clowns. Yes I know silly but clowns are freaky!

Do you like to wash? Huh? Wash clothes? Uhm I don’t think anyone likes it but I don’t really mind it…

Do you like roller coasters? Yes I love the thrill

Last ..
Movie you rented? Ouch rented.. I hardly ever rent movies but last movie I saw was Kick Ass in the cinema!

Movie you bought? Shooter

Song you heard? Coldplay – A message

Song you downloaded? Within Temptation – Stand my ground <3  (via Itunes )

Person you called? Louise

The person who called you? Chris

TV show you watched? Bones

Person you thought about? Chris

Book you read? A biology book

Person you got e-mails from? My best friend DJ ♥  She’s in Thailand I MISS HER!

Person you received a letter from? Chris

Person you received a text from? Louise

Time your whole family ate dinner together? Uhm… My nineteenth Bday I think

Thing you bought? Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream

Favorite …

I can’t pick. 😡 But one that’s always been a goldie is ‘Frank Sinatra – New York New York’

Thing to do: Talking with people I love, taking pictures and blogging

Sports: I must admit I’m not the biggest sport person. But I like watching F1 : D

Drink: Water.. Yeah I’m so boring! ;P

Clothing: Shirt, jeans and heels – I have many fave’s out of my wardrobe 😡

Movie: Peter Pan + Breakfast at Tiffany’s  <3 (and loads of others)

Car: Audi

Tv Show: Gossip Girl,  Sex and the city, scrubs, True Blood and friends

Have you ever …
Cried over a boy?

Lied to someone? Yes

Been in a fight: No

Been arrested? No

Met someone from the internet IRL? Hasn’t everyone? But yes!

Number of …

Times you been in love?
Hmm.. Three

Times you’ve had your heart broken? Completely and utterly smashed – Once

Hearts broken because of you? Uhm… Twice I think :U

Girls you kissed? None like ‘that’ at least

People from school, you still have contact with? Two

Times your name has been in the newspaper? None


What have you done today?
Finished my exam project!!! And handed it in at 2pm

Do you swear a lot? I use the word Frick a lot so I wouldn’t say I swear much. But I do a little

When do you get up in the morning? Between 7-10 am. Depends on what time I have to be at school

What are you wearing? White Adidas training pants, A black Calvin Klein top and some random socks

What are you doing tonight? It’s Monday. And I am probably going to bed to sleep!

What are you allergic to? Oranges

Where are you in pain? My right foot feels weird 😡

Do you use hair spray? Only when I go out or if I curl my hair

Can you stand on your hands? Oh no haha and I wouldn’t want to try

Salt or sugar? Salt

Do you like ketchup? NO!!!! ick!

Are you happy now? Yes very

Were you happy last night? Yes a little stressed about the project but yes

What do you dance to? Almost anything

Can you sing? Yes I would say so

Spaghetti or macaroni? Neither. Fetch me some sushi!

Country you want to visit? New Zea land

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